Cecilia Díaz Betz

Earlier this year, a new, very special cosmetics brand was launched. Crea-m is a start-up based in Barcelona which sells exclusively online to bring more products to consumers without intermediaries, thus eliminating unnecessary costs. With the slogan For a nicer skin and a different world, the website was launched in February to offer a very interesting line of high-quality face and body care products for women that come in youthful, fresh, environmentally-friendly, reusable containers. Crea-m’s seeks to turn the cosmetic world around through transparency, honesty and, most importantly, through you. For Crea-m, listening to your needs suggestions is essential.

Crea-m’s cosmetics contain formulas rich in the best active ingredients

Crea-m’s cosmetics contain formulas rich in the best active ingredients manufactured by Lipotec laboratories, backed by over 25 years of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The full range includes paraben-free face and body treatment with a high concentration of active ingredients. Watch the presentation video, with Crea-m’s ideas and different ways of understanding and making cosmetics.

The product range includes:

Sensitive Skin: face moisturizer to protect and revitalize the skin with FPS20.

Revitalizing Cream: Anti-wrinkle cream that restores skin luminosity.

Skin Brightening: Illuminating cream that moisturizes and protects your skin from sun rays.  FPS20.

Eye Gel: Eye Gel reduces wrinkles, puffy bags and dark circles and illuminates the eye contour so you can show off a heart-stopping stare.

Antiaging Serum: reduces wrinkles restoring your skin’s elasticity and luminosity.

Body Remodelling Gel: helps you to redefine your silhouette directly targeting cellulite and undesirable orange peel skin.

Bust Remodelling Gel: sculpts and firms your bust and neckline.

Moisturizing Cream: moisturizes, protects and strengthen your skin using a non-oily formula which is long lasting and quickly absorbed.