Ariana Díaz Celma

A lopsided smiley is the logo of the new restaurant Disfrutar. The truth is that it’s the right logo because it’s almost impossible to leave the place without a broad smile triggered by a happy stomach. And it’s not surprising that the Disfruter’s godfather is Compartir from Cadaqués, run by a luxury triad: Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch. But let’s not confuse terms. Although Disfrutar takes some of the best features of Compartir, it isn’t intended to be a replica of it. It’s true that some of the dishes are designed for sharing, but it’s essentially a tapas menu. This detail enhances the presentation of the dishes, which is outstanding, and makes the experience more unique. The menu is perfect. It includes a 70-euro menu called Disfrutar and a 100-euro menu called Festival, an extended version of the first one. The wine, as in any self-respecting restaurant, is separate.


Each of the references in the menu blends traditional ingredients with cutting-edge techniques, a combination that achieves outstanding results for the eyes and the palate. By this we mean that Disfrutar is more than an eating experience. It’s almost impossible to name the highlights of each of the menus, but if we were to choose any, we would choose the starter Enjoy Olives. Although inspired by Adrià’s legendary sferification, it has a personality of its own. Other recommendations include the Smoked Idiazabal Biscuit with Apple and the tastiest of them all, the Crispy Egg Yolk with Mushroom Jelly, as well as the Tuna and Avocado Air Sandwich made with a sort of salty merengue bread. While the presentation of the Anchovies and Almond Drap Recuit with Truffle, Fir Honey and Pine Nuts is one of the most striking dishes of the letter, the Macaroni Carbonara may be the funniest experiment in it. The dishes never cease to amaze: peppers that turn out to be chocolate, coffee profiterole and a fun version of the traditional whiskey cake close the menu of what will surely become one of your new favorite restaurants in Barcelona.

 By this we mean that Disfrutar is more than an eating experience

We can’t finish this review without mentioning the interior design by El Equipo Creativo, which has created environment interspersed with ceramics and plaster. The restaurant’s two rooms—one with a bar and a second one bathed in an incredibly light—are connected by a corridor where the Disfrutar kitchen is located, where 20 people work every day.