Ariana Díaz Celma

Element continues to focus on partnerships with international artists to create distinctly different collections and lines. Its latest proposal is a new and exclusive line of skateboards by an old acquaintance of the house, artist Thomas Campbell.

Campbell has materialized his famous bronze sculptures on graphics for decorating the skates

Campbell, the ambassador for them brand for five years now, has turned its famous bronze sculptures into charts to decorate this limited edition of skateboards for #ElementPerspective. Each of the boards is designed, engineered and manufactured for Element riders: Nick Garcia, Ray Barbee, Evan Smith and Madars Apse. In fact, their names are etched on them. All boards are made exclusively with recyclable materials. The line also comes with two exclusive T-shirts with the same illustration by Thomas Campbell. Here below you can watch the video of the process and learn more about this curious artist. More info here.