Cecilia Díaz Betz

After a long working day, you come home, you collapse on the couch and, after a while, you realize you have one last challenge to solve: your supper. The mysteries, enigmas and tall tales about the last meal of the day are most varied, and we know you’ve heard more than one. You’ve probably heard that it is better to avoid dinner to keep kilograms at bay, or that bread and carbohydrates should be replaced by lettuce to promote sleep. There are countless urban legends far removed from reality that no nutritionist with half a brain would recommend. So what’s better, having dinner nor not having dinner? And our answer is: having dinner, a light one.

Sandwich Thins is a new formula for you to enjoy dinner again without remorse

Current consumption habits, especially when it comes to weight control diets, tend to skip dinner. But contrary to what you may think, skipping dinner contributes to poorer weight regulation. Skipping meals won’t help you lose weight. It is advisable to have a light dinner to complement the meals you’ve had during the day. So let’s get down to work. Today we offer a light, fast, low-calorie dinner by Bimbo. Yes, the famous bread brand that sells Sandwich Thins, a revolutionary product in the field of loaves, both for its round shape and for having a thin, tender and firm texture, and also for having only 99 kcal and less than 1 gram of fat. Sandwich Thins is a new formula for you to enjoy dinner again without remorse. Made with whole grain flour, they have a unique flavor, which makes them ideal for any kind of recipe. They are available in two different varieties: 100% whole Thins and 8-cereal Thins. Just choose your favourite one and, if you’re short of ideas, we recommend you this quick and easy recipe. Enjoy!


Sandwich Thins with smoked salmon, arugula, lettuce, yogurt sauce and a touch of fine herbs. Healthy, easy to prepare and very light!

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