Ariana Díaz Celma

Few people know it, but for some time now a section of the dining Ocaña restaurant has a Mexican second name that suits it very well. The person responsible for this change is Martin Schanninger, the new chef of this impressive restaurant in Plaza Real who comes from such reliable places as Berlin’s Mani Hotel. The combination of Ocaña and Schanninger’s recipes results in a Mexican-inspired letter that also includes some Mediterranean products.

On our first (but certainly not the last) visit to the Mexican version of Ocaña, we picked an excellent sea bream ceviche with squid crackling and shrimp tiradito with tomato, basil and mango; both dishes worth trying. In Ocaña DF, unlike other Mexican restaurants, it is possible to combine these recipes with oysters, accompanied by pico de gallo, dill and mango; or with causa –a Lima typical dish—with yellow potato, stuffed artichokes, quail eggs, mayonnaise and capers. In the menu there’s no shortage of typical Mexican flavors like quesadilla with mushrooms, slices of chili and guacamole; as well as tacos with Schanninger’s touch: with mushrooms, leek and mint; with chicken pibil and pickled onions; with cod, lettuce, walnuts and radishes, etc. The proper mix between both sides of the Atlantic is also present in main dishes like chicken with green mole and spicy potatoes or Mexican-style squash with Manchego cheese with authentic—a real treat if you’re not that carnivore.  Desserts include Vanilla Cloud with almond and Jamaica blossom or chocolate flan with coffee, coconut and banana. But these are just a mere formality to move to another of the menu’s highlights: your choice of mezcal and tequila.

Few people know it, but for some time now a section of the dining Ocaña restaurant has a Mexican second name that suits it very well

The tequila list includes white tequilas, reposados and aged tequilas that will delight fans of this drink. The most untrained palates can try mezcal, the new cocktail hit, freshly imported from Mexico. All we found in the menu can be tasted solo or in one of the cocktails Martin has created for Ocaña DF. The Mariachi Loco, for example, is made from Reposado tequila, lime, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, Campari and soda. The Inka Sour is a cocktail with mescal, ginger syrup, cardamom, lemon, egg white and Amargo Chunguito Bitters. The mixed drinks menu is so well assorted you’ll want to repeat the experience soon.
You can dine in Ocaña DF from 25/30 euros. The price will rise depending on the amount of cocktails you decide to add to the menu.


  • Address: Plaza Real, 13-14-15
  • Timetable: L-M Cerrado ı M-D 20:00-02:00
  • Phone: (+34) 93 676 48 14
  • Website: