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Delorean, one of our most international bands, played in Jack Daniels’164th anniversary celebrations in Barcelona and Madrid. The Good2b team came to the party led by the electronics, pop and Balearic rhythm of the Zarautz-born band. We took advantage of the situation to catch up with the band, who among other things told us about their upcoming US tour and what will come after Apar their latest album, which came out a year ago.

Over a year that you released Apar and you’re about to finish the tour. What are you planning to do next?

Unai: we’ve got five concerts left for us to finish the tour. We can say this is the presentation of Apar because we have played very little in Spain, but it’s also a goodbye because it’s over. We are already writing some new songs for the next album.

Guillermo: We’ve got some ideas for an album to be released next year. Apar was hard because we took a break after Subiza. We gave it much thought and finished it in New York. I think a record ages earlier when it takes you too long to record it and we want to do it differently.

So we won’t have to wait for three years for another album…

U: When someone listens to one of our albums we’ve already had those     tunes in our heads for a year and this time around we want them to sound fresh. The more it takes you to release an album, the older it is for us. We won’t want to wait that long now.

However, you haven’t gone into creative hiatus, your soundcloud is full of new remixes, like the ones for Haim or Phantom…

U: Yes, it goes along the lines of what we were saying—we haven’t stopped doing things to continue being creative.

You’ve just returned from New York, where you finished Apar. Do you intend to record there again?

Igor: Before deciding on that, we need to have songs and then start knocking on doors. In the case of Apar, we first recorded in Barcelona and then went to New York to produce it.

U: Such decisions are made once we have new material.

You have left Mushroom Pillow, where will you release your next album?

G: There are options, but what interests us now is to make music. It is better to make the record first because the label may be too influenced by how the new songs sound.

I: All the red tape will come later.

What’s it like to play in America and then play home?

U: I think one of the main differences is that in America we have many fans.

I: It’s not that we don’t have fans here, but I think we’ve played too much here. The festival circuit is so broad that if you release an album, people will probably see you three or four times without buying a ticket to a Delorean concert because we’re usually in the line-up.  The local concert circuit is smaller there.

G: In the United States we more in small venues. There you can do a gig every day, there’re even venues for teenagers. They have a past and a much stronger present than we do. Here, if you play outside Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia it’s difficult. In short, Spain is a flea compared with the US. It is also very rewarding to play there. First you play for 100 people and when you return to the same venue there’re 1,000, and so on.

U: Here it’s impossible to go on a one-week tour…

It’s curious that you’re more famous in the US than you’re here…

I: I guess it’s because our record label is there. Long tours require a lot of work and we’ve focused on the United States, perhaps we will later focus on Europe, it’s a matter of time and dedication.

Subiza, your fourth studio album, saw the start of your international boom. It was an album full of nuances and with many sound layers. In contrast, Aparfeatures simplest and most commercial sounds. The same thing happened to your image. Where are you going now?

U: We’re trying things. All we can say is that it will be neither Subiza nor Apar but it won’t be far from them either.

I: I will surely sound like Delorean. Although our records are different, they always have something in common. I think the new album will be in the middle of the other two.

You can’t stop listening to…

U: Syro by Aphex Twin.

G: Variaciones, the new álbum by Dotore, maybe because I produced it.

Your favourite hotspots are…

U: Montjuîc, I go there often to walk the dogs.

G: Pepa Tomate in Gracias and its patatas bravas.

I: Peruvian restaurant Peimong (C/Templarios, 6).

You’d ban…

Banning is ugly, but I’d people driving a motorbike along the bike lane deserve tougher penalties.

Good2b means…

Being happy.