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Dario Nocentini is the author of the winning cocktail at the National Final of 2011 Ron Bacardi Superior Legacy Cocktail Competition. Bartender at the Eclipse (Hotel W, Barcelona), Dario is an Italian living in Barcelona with more than one award on his back. Stairway to Heaven is the cocktail of the year and will become part of the legacy of Ron Bacardi Superior. good2b has interviewed him?

You won the second Ron Bacardi Superior Legacy Cocktail Competition with your cocktail Stairway to Heaven. What does a cocktail need to be a winner?

It probably needs innovation, new combination of flavours. In a nutshell: something different and simple at the same time.

It’s a cocktail made with rum in a time when gin is the king. Do you think things can change in favour of rum?

I think fashion is cyclic. What was fashionable once is not longer wanted now but will be all the rage again in the future. In the world of cocktail, those changes are not very noticeable. It’s true that Spain is one of the highest consumers of gin, but there are other spirits that are also consumed a lot.

What do you think about the adjective Premium? Is there a reason for that or is it just nonsense?

Premium and Super-Premium have a reason to be and to tell you the truth, there’s a difference in quality.

In your opinion, what is the ideal cocktail for each time of the day and why?

Ok, no cocktails for breakfast (you’d better start the day calm). Before lunch, I recommend a good Americano, and after lunch, a digestive cocktail such as the Old Fashioned, with Grappa. Before dinner, a good option is a Champaign cocktail, and to finish off the day, a Negroni Sbagliato.

Do you think there are cocktails for men and cocktails for women?

Women usually enjoy sweet cocktails much more than men. I don’t mean to generalize because each one of us likes different aromas and flavours and special combinations, but I would associate sweet cocktails to women and bitter cocktails to men.

Your favourite hotspot?

Anywhere wiyth good company, good music, good good and excellent cocktails?

You never thought you’d end up?

Transforming passion into work and work into passion?

You’d ban?


You can’t stop listening to?

Pearl Jam.

good2b means…

Being the way you are; if you don’t mind being authentic, nobody will ever care?

Stairway to Heaven
? 50 ml of Ron BACARDI Superior
? 1 celery stick
? 4 leaves of fresh coriander
? 20 ml of vanilla syrup
? 20 ml of pineapple puree concentrate
? 20 ml of pineapple juice
? 1 bit of egg white
1. Grind the celery stick
2. Crind the coriander
3. Add 50 ml of Ron BACARDI Superior
4. Add 20 ml of vanilla syrup
5. Add 20 ml of ready-made pineapple purée
6. Pour 20 ml of fresh lime juice
7. Add the egg white
8. Shake all the ingredients and sieve the mix on a chilled Martini glass.
9. Garnish: infuse hot water with the coriander and the celery and pour it on dry ice.