Laura Hernandez

Now more than ever, betting for the local product is what we need Under this premise, the Cubo Gallery & Shop opens to as a store and gallery to showcase the work of more than 120 Spanish designers.

Behind this project are the Spanish brands 24 Dientes and My Desing, which boast numerous design awards and know the sector well. As co-founder Margui Mora says: “Designers self-produce more and more; productions are small, the commissions of intermediaries are high, margins are thin and prices are the great enemy of quality. This is why we’ve opened Cube, because we know design made and manufactured in Spain can compete successfully.”

This way of understanding production is common in other European countries and now is finally coming to Spain. At the shop in Malañasa they rent spaces or ?cubes’ for designers both new and consecrated designers to sell their work without intermediaries. Moreover, they also give sell their products online.

All you’ll find Cubo Gallery & Shop is original: small works of Spanish modern art for collectors: lamps made with pieces of noble woods, old cassette tapes or Bic pens (BRZ, OOO My Design, Enpieza!), disturbing figures (Daniel John), Art (Eduardo Rubio, PolloBarba), t-shirts and textiles (Viva la Vida), jewelery (Sweet or Salty, DH Jewels), tableware and home decor (Create Alter), stationery (AVL, Brigada Creativa), fashion (Tear This Heart Out, El Olivar), board games for children and adults (Brainpicnic)… and lots of other things.

Finally affordable local design at Cubo Gallery & Shop!


  • Address: C/ Velarde, 6 Madrid