Cecilia Díaz Betz

Yes friends, we confess: we are followers and staunch fans of Plateselector, like you. We love their website?the season’s hit without a doubt?, we love the team behind it (Johann, Juaniyo, Alba and Khaled, we want to marry you!), their good vibes, good work and their love for good food and, above all, their way of doing things, slowly but surely, with head and temperance, to simmer. This site, which is our guide to restaurants of good quality, price, and service and which teaches you what and who is behind a dish, has become, in less than a year, a benchmark for many users, and this is just the beginning. Got it kitchen? That’s it.

Who is behind Plateselector? A team of 40 food-loving employees. Where did this idea come from and what do each of you bring to this project?

Johann: Navaza Juaniyo took some time trying to convince me to do an online geo-cultural guide. During a workshop on marketing for restaurants, I decided to create an alternative guide to restaurants that aren’t usually featured on other sites. We realized that when looking for information on restaurants we liked, they only appeared in very dodgy websites with bad photos or in personal blogs with very amateur ones. Alba Yañez collaborates in Juan’s website, Pearls For Swine, in addition of showing us his talent, he infected us with the energy and the ideas that are essential for this website. Khaled comes from the advertising world and that he wanted to be a part of this project was a gift. He designs the online marketing strategies and more. Juaniyo bears the burden of the programming, plus he’s the best talent finder since Vicente Del Bosque. Alba and I coordinate the contents of our employees.

Any immediate or long-term plans?

We finally launched the website in English for people who visit Spain, and a splendid App to find restaurants easily using geolocation. And of course more assaults on restaurants.

What is your ideal meal, dinner, evening like?

Travelling to Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson in northern Sweden; fishing a salmon with him, smoking it in one of his sheds, helping him with the mise en place and eating it in front of the fireplace with the rest of the ‘family’, talking about maceration, distillation and the dark side of human beings.

What are your influences, where do you draw your inspiration from to create PS?

Pitchfork, Vogue and Le Fooding. Why do you think there is a new boom of gastronomy? Since other cultural products like films and music have become devaluated, the stories behind that don’t attract the interest of the public anymore, and gastronomy filling that gap. For ordinary people.

What is the difference between the gourmet and culinary worlds?

Gastronomy is the discipline that includes the study of food and cooking in general, and culinary is a branch of gastronomy focused more on the creative way of preparing food.

What are the differences with other websites?

We focus on gastronomic businesses and we transmit the love of food of anonymous people through Selectors. In Plateselector we don’t pursue celebrities, but go for normal people. For us, chefs are the real rock stars, with or without Michelin stars.

Do we eat more with the eyes than before?

We eat with the eyes, yes. Probably because we have more access to pictures of food and/or dishes than before. With the Internet we have access to any dish from anywhere in the world. And then there’s Instagram… Who hasn’t felt envious when seeing the photo of a friend at a restaurant?

We want you to be our ?selectors’? Self-answer your questions!

Restaurant: Cometa in Porto, Rey de Tallarines in Madrid, and Mari Rufo in Bcn, El Sauce in Coruña, La Bodeguita in Torremolinos. Dish: Chili con Carne. Product: Allspice. Drink: Old Fashioned and Riesling. If you came to my house to eat, I would put some marinated Iberico pork ribs in the oven at low temperature 15 hours earlier, and at the last moment I’d bbq them for a little bit for them to have a smoky flavor.

Your favourite hotspots…

Caribbean Club.

A trip to never forget? Japan.

You can’t stop listening to?

‘Drone Logic’ by Daniel Avery.

You’d ban?

Factory farming, where animals are psychologically and physically abused to cut costs; trawling; tuna fishing for 15 years, and import/export products to/from other countries… If every country would consume and generate its own product, the socio-economic levels in the world would be more balanced. And the songs of Juan Magan.

You never thought you’d end up?

Devoting so much time to the website. It absorbs us but at the same time gives us many great things. We’ve met incredible people in only a year!

You’re reading?

Autobiography by Morrissey.

The latest film you’ve watched?

The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a film that dignifies so much the service staff.

good2b means?

For us good2b is Ari, an enthusiastic and generous person we love and appreciate. A great companion we like to always have around.



Caribbean Club.

Un viaje para no olvidar?


No podéis parar de escuchar en modo repeat?

‘Drone Logic’ de Daniel Avery.


La ganadería industrial en la que animales son psicológicamente y físicamente maltratados para abaratar costes, la pesca de arrastre, la pesca de atún durante 15 años, y la importación/exportación de producto a otros países. Si cada país consumiera y generara su propio producto, habría menos desequilibrio socio-económico en el mundo. Y las canciones de Juan Magan.

Nunca pensabas que terminaríais?

Decicando tanto tiempo a la web. Nos absorve y a la vez nos brinda muchas cosas. Hemos conocido a gente increíble ¡y tan sólo en un año!

Ahora mismo estáis leyendo?

‘Autobiography’ de Morrissey.

La última peli que habéis visto en el cine es?

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Hacía tiempo que no veía una peli donde se dignifica tanto el mundo del servicio.

Para vosotros ser good2b es?

Para nosotros good2b es Ari, una persona entusiasta y generosa a la que queremos y apreciamos mucho. Una gran compañera que nos gusta tener siempre al lado.