Cecilia Díaz Betz

Marion Cotillard continues on her way the top. The iconic and beautiful French actress has surprised us with ‘Snapshot in LA’, a new song written by her in collaboration with Metronomy’s singer Joseph Mount. Accompanying the track, Marion has written and directed a kind of self-titled musical short film (watch it below these lines) with Eliott Bliss. Obviously, she stars in this short full of supernatural scenes, sensuality, unreality and maximum elegance. The short film is for Dior and was premiered by iD Magazine.

A film starring by her, full of supernatural scenes, sensualiad, unreality and maximum elegance, and all this, no less, the Dior maison

The high couture brand, of which Marion Cotillard is the image, is to blame for making us enjoy one of our fetish actresses wearing Dior’s FW14 collection happily moving her hips and singing like angels. We love it! The set is an LA mansion where we can see a Marion holding a glass and wearing a heart-stopping dress walking decidedly around the garden and the swimming pool. X Files appear gradually, like absence of gravity, an invisible friend who dances like her or Marion herself walking on water. The video ends with an spectacular dance and a night swim. We can’t stop watching it!