Cecilia Díaz Betz

From Barcelona with healthy sarcasm comes Hungry Castle in their clothing-maker version Cool Shit. The firm has launched a series of garments that will likely put an end to the Lionel Richie’s Head era, the Crazy Jacket era and, of course, the Lazer Cat Show era, which will soon disappear. It was time to introduce a new protagonist in the collection, the most adorable and ironic emoticon of all time: the smiling poop. Yes, folks, from now on our jackets will betray us. It’s time for the nice, colorful and happy poop. It’s time to wear the Shit Jacket.

If you like to go unnoticed, go undercover or sober, get away form them!

See above the lookbook of the new collection Cool Shit aka Hungry Castle. A photographic series signed by Javier Castan, with styling by Claire O’Keefe, and models Sandra Fennou, Bruno Gabriel and Rocky the dog. The Idyllic Mediterranean coast serves as the background to show street-style shirts, jackets, hats and sweatshirts for men and women. The hit of the collection is, without a doubt the Shit Jacket in black, but don’t hesitate to visit their online shop to check out their carefree proposals. If you like to go unnoticed, go undercover or a sober style, get away from them!