Bru Romero

I must admit I’m crazy about croquets and sometimes, instead of seeing death people like Haley Osment, I see croquets wherever I go. But that’s not a bad thing, is it, doctor?  My grandmother—rest in peace—is to blame. She used to make the best croquets. The recipe was passed on to my mother and Oh my god! They are delicious! With some advice and a few eccentric flavour combianation, I am now an expert in this wonderful world of breaded béchamel. And a place where you will find an example of expertise is, without a doubt, Croqueta y Presumida.

In Madrid, they have 8 premises 5 of whom are on the capital and have take eat easy home service. ¿Could it be better?

Croquets are welcome anytime anywhere in Spanish cuisine. Sorry for paellas, bread with oil and tomato, sobrasada sandwiches or 10-egg potato omelets, but croquets are the best and most delicious option. A sweet Christmas shortbread—though there are sweet croquets now—that fills your mouth of béchamel made with fresh milk. At Croqueta y Presumida they serve astonishingly wide selection of flavors; 100 percent homemade croquets made with farmhouse milk with a wonderful texture and presence. Fried for  2,30 minutes in olive oil at 175ºC, croquets come with morcilla, vegetables, baby cuttlefish, leek and shrimp, king crab, codfish, ham, farmhouse chicken, chops, meat with Piquillo peppers, boletus, Idiazábal cheese or chocolate. Come croquets, come!


  • Address: C/Alcalá, 126
  • Timetable: Monday to Saturday: 10,30h to 21,00h and Sundays: 10,30h to 15,00h
  • Phone: 911 62 82 83
  • Type: Shop
  • Website: