Cecilia Díaz Betz

You, young man! Listen to me carefully: do you want to win succulent and appetizing prizes? Forewarned is forearmed, early bird gets the worm and don’t procrastinate. By this I mean: don’t rest on your laurels because then you will see your friends triumphing in a bar and you won’t know what’s going on. Anyway, Sangre de Toro presents a challenge with amazing and interesting prizes, but they won’t fall from the sky. 

Sangre de Toro presents a challenge with amazing and interesting prizes, but they won’t fall from the sky

You will have to win them as a champion where you most like to be: in a bar. Sounds easy right? It is, you’ll just have to prove you’re champion at bar sports, and not only that: your competitors will be the legendary lords and masters of BARS, that is: old folks, grandparents, retirees… Because no detail escapes them.

If you’re not already scared, here comes the second part: the conquest of the bar is made ​​through a pitched battle, a high-level competition, a true ring strategy: a game of dominoes. Young vs veterans. Veterans vs young. Admit it, now you’ve got the jitters, but your dignity and pride will take you straight to the battle of battles, where you will prove yourself the king of dominoes, the bar, your home, and also a born award winner. King of the bar!

Are you convinced now? Let’s go then! Where? When? How? Very simple, don’t panic. The conquest of the classic will take place in two phases:

First phase

It will be held in three cities: Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Malaga, consecutively. It will kick-off in Barcelona on Saturday October 11 at the emblematic Plaça de la Virreina in the legendary Gràcia district from 11:00 to 15: 00h. But be careful, the first thing that will be awarded is punctuality. The competition is open but only the first 32 people will participate. The rest can cheer up, have fun and chat while enjoying a glass of Sangre de Toro, a classic red wine that will surely to raise certain passions. Domino Rules are clear, so if you’re one of the first to arrive, just prove your strengths against veterans that will undoubtedly be reluctant to leave the podium. If you happen to be one of the winners of this first phase, you’ll get a good prize: Classic Gold Trophy + 3 magnum bottles of Sangre de Toro + a guided visit to Bodegas Torres. And now the second phase…

Second phase

In this next round you can relax. Just visit www.alaconquistadelclá, search registered bars, stop by there, order a Sangre de Toro with some hazelnuts and upload a photo to Instagram with the hashtag of your city: #conquistabaresbcn conquistabaresmdr #conquistabaresmlg. Visit as many bars as you can and your chances to win the jackpot will increase.

More info on www.alaconquistadelclá