Teresa Rodríguez

The Conde Duque area is opening more and more places with creativity at the central axis without neglecting quality. As good cheese lovers, today we want to present the La Quesería de Conde Duque, a gastronomic space that holds out the prospect of revolutionizing the world of cheese in Madrid. The people responsible for this project are a group of young enthusiasts, and it shows in how the bakery is designed and also in the products they sell and the activities they organize. La Quesería de Conde Duque is not the typical gourmet shop but a meeting place for lovers of cheese and artisan producers. Inspired by the British cheese store Neal’s Yard Dairy, it is cheese-smelling place with a select choice: more than twenty different cheeses from small producers of Cantabria, Castilla y León, Galicia, Catalonia, Asturias and the Basque Country. But there are also cheeses from foreign countries like England, France, Italy and the Netherlands. All cheeses are at their optimum consumption point and are quite affordable. In addition to cheese, you can also buy milk, yogurt and butter. La Quesería de Conde Duque boasts a space for socializing around this tasty dairy and organizes courses, cooking shows, lectures, tastings and cheese parties. Refrain if you’re allergic to dairy!