Ariana Díaz Celma

In good2b we’ve always had a soft spot for the projects with a high social component and an aesthetic side.

CIRE, a center for social reintegration, took us to a place where we felt like an octopus in a garage, but which we found surprising.

While it is known that within prisons inmates spend much time on manual labor, we didn’t really know they had this house-ware line which now includes also furniture under the CIRE label. There are many outlets, and even the now gone Vinçon noticed this series of products that use a Catalan fabric to make bundles.

This piece, which was so popular in the past, is in the limelight again thanks to CIRE and its collection of bags, aprons, umbrellas and even tablet cases.

The project ends this season with the Venus and Rural collections, aimed to reach a wider audience.

To date, the undisputed hit of the first collection is the basket, which combines the fabric with burlap and, later, with denim. The second gives its name to the entire line of textiles for the home, including as oven mitts, bread bags, ham cloths, apron and napkins. Funny, right?panuelo-farcell-tradicional-

The furniture collection, which we fund truly amazing, is called Pirineos and includes and Edelweiss table and an Isard bench-trunk. Only available online.

We discovered the CIRE workshop is located in the Quatre Camins prison.

It used to be at the Modelo prison, but this 230m2 space is much larger.