Cecilia Díaz Betz

The human mind seems limitless when it comes to creating genius objects. The more complex things look, the more ideas we find. For example, today’s common problem consisting in “I live in a small apartment and use a bike to move around the city” has now a new solution in the shape of special furniture to easily park your bike in your small apartment, a sort of 2×1 piece that help us gain space without losing elegance.

 The creator of this great idea is Chilean studio Chol1

The creator of this great idea is Chilean studio Chol1. From Ñuñoa, in Santiago de Chile, Chol1 creates objects for a “future in which art, quality of life and urbanism combine favorably thanks to the passion for biking and designs”. An excellent way to think the objects that surround us in our everyday lives by combining them together and giving them new and even more functional tasks. Chol1 offers, for example, the classic low shelve with slits to accommodate your bike without dirt touching the floor. The same goes with their special desk design, on which a bike can also be parked. These are indeed incredible ways of solving postmodern daily problems in a few square meters without it being an aggressive sight. Quite on the contrary! Take a look at Chol1’s catalogue here.