Ariana Díaz Celma

At this point, the name Chic & Basic is fairly well known to us. What is perhaps surprising is seeing it right next the Chic&Basic Ramblas. The hotel chain has opened a new hotel in Drassanes, nearby the place where Colón points to America. Chic&Basic Ramblas welcomes you with a lobby boasting a Seat 600, adding to the space a rather ’60s air, which is complemented by the structure of the building, typical of the period, but also by small decorative details…


Although the rooms of Chic & Basic Ramblas are not as spacious as its older brother at the Born, everything has been taken care of for it to feel as comfortable. The rooms are themed with a photograph on the door of famous figure related to the city, such as Dali, Manuel Vazquez Montalban or Joan Manuel Serrat. Photos are divided into themes such as Culture and Society, Icons of Design, Tourism, Advertising, Folklore, and ‘Gauche Divine’. They all come from the archives of some of the figures featured, for example Xavier Miserachs Maspons and Colita Oriol or from the archives of the designers who have refurbished the hotel.

Everything adds to give the hotel that 60s touch. The reception features old suitcases in tribute to Spanish films from the period (the building used to house a famous aparthotel. The graphic design and the signage are the works of Espluga & Associates, inspired by Spanish typography from the ’50s and ’70s that was used for road signs and license plates. The hotel reigning colours are navy blue, orange, gray and green. The colours of each floor and the interior of the rooms are also featured on the toilet’s tiles and on the carpet, which stretches to the corridor. One of the highlights of the hotel is the hall. Contemporary furniture is combined mixed with different vintage objects. Lagranja also plays with iconic objects of the time, like a giant peseta used as a table.

Chic & Basic Ramblas boasts a public restaurant called El 600 de la Pepi, located right in the hotel lobby. The restaurant serves casual homemade cuisine with an international touch. On Saturdays and Sundays, they serve brunch for 22 euros, with carrot muffins and spices, mango and apple cakes, cookies, yogurt with fruit, brownies, pancakes with homemade jam, banana pancakes, and hot dishes including mini hamburgers, eggs in a thousand and one varieties, soups and cold soups in summer, fresh and light salads, and more. You can also find a breakfast buffet open every day for 9 euros. The rest of the day, the restaurant offers a menu with more elaborate dishes plus an extensive selection of wines and cocktails.


  • Address: Pasatge Gutenberg, 7 Barcelona