Cecilia Díaz Betz

Chef S, a new and revolutionary organic food store is born. Besides offering a wide range of organic and local foods, they are aware that our frantic pace of life doesn’t allow us to think about what to cook, what to eat or how to do, so they have devised a new system: you get there, choose between several weekly recipes, grab the bag already prepared with the ingredients and instructions to cook it, go home to cook and in 30 minutes max you can fix a delicious heatly dish without wasting time or money. Cool, isn’t it?

Chef S aims to help you keep a healthy, varied and balanced diet consisting of seasonal and local produce and cook them at home easily. What’s more, you feel the satisfaction caused by cooking something right, which is also good for your health or at least for self-esteem! Recipes vary every week and include dessert. They usually come with organic wine, beer or juice. So just stop by and choose a different recipe to eat properly. There is something for all tastes: meat, pasta, creams, scrambled eggs or rice. Each pack includes the exact ingredients you need to make the dish and a leaflet explaining how to prepare it, how long it takes, the nutritional values and indications of whether it is suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, vegans or vegetarians.

If you don’t want the packs, Chef S is also an organic supermarket with a wide offer of local produce. Everything is neatly organized into sections and properly explained. They also have their own bakery using spelt flour only and a section devoted to kitchen gadgets.


  • Address: Aragón, 310, Barcelona