Ariana Díaz Celma

We shed a few tears when the Centric, one of the Raval’s most legendary bars, closed. But now it comes back again with a new image thanks to designer Pilar Líbano, who has managed to keep the charm and the atmosphere of the place with slate walls and wooden furniture. The nostalgic will be happy to realise the essence of the Cèntric is still here. The new version of the Cèntric, carried out by Group San Telmo, comes with the surname Canalla because it has a very similar menu and spirit to the bar of the same name located in Sarriá. Starting with its appetizing menu of dishes do you do?


Although Cèntric Canalla has just opened, we predict it will be a guaranteed success because their tapas are tasty and their cañas are perhaps the best drafted in the area. The menu features tapas and half dishes: Russian salad, chickpea salad with curry, mini burger with foie, artichokes and Perol butiffarra and burrata with tomato. If you are very hungry, try their wide selection of eggs, ranging from classical to potato omelette to eggs with whitebait?as surprising as it is delicious?or eggs with truffle oil. A selection of grilled meats, ranging from organic hamburger to selected Nebraska meat hamburger, completes the menu. As for desserts, don’t leave without trying their chocolate with salt and oil that so popular has become at Sarrià’s Canalla.

The novelty of the place is a back room called El Tigre that is perfect for a private dinner or for a meal with friends, with a charming, dimly lit communal table that pretends to be too informal for the convenience of guests. The Cèntric Canalla is a real surprise and is worth visiting, especially if you knew the old Cèntric.

The Cèntric is located right next to Hostal Grau. It first opened in 1941, right after the Civil War. In the early ’50s, Mrs. Grau used to serve homemade vermouth with secret ingredients that became very popular in the neighbourhood. The Cèntric became a must in the the Raval. Today that very same vermouth is served by the Morro Fi, always synonymous for savour faire.



  • Address: c/ Ramelleres 27 Barcelona