Ariana Díaz Celma

Acclaimed filmmaker Luis Cerveró just founded the Terranova publishing house with the invaluable help of designer of Ana Domínguez. Terranova is born to ?cope with contemporary cultural virtual world with physical and tangible objects and to give voice to a number of new artists whose generation is being silenced or pushed aside?. Terranova’s first release is photographer’s Rafa Castells‘ book entitled Schlecker.

After meeting by chance in a concert, Rafa and Lluis decided to ?do something?, and the result, following those first idyllic strokes, was to publish a book with photographs Rafa had not yet printed. After months of selecting and editing images, we get Schlecker, a photobook titled in honor to the German drugstore chain where Rafa used to by the films. It is ?a commitment to publicly display some pictures he had taken with the simple intention of documenting the day to day.”

Terranova has released a limited edition of 500 copies. Get the book at the Terranova website for 35 euros.