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A few days ago I received that kind of invitation you can’t refuse. Caudalie offered me spend a day filled with activities but also with mystery, since not details were disclosed in advance. I just knew the time and the place they had summoned us all to spend the day with other girls. The day came and I met Dafne from BCN Coolhunter and Patricia from Coolhunter Diary, and also from Madrid, Isabel from Isameicap and Sara from Secrets de Coquettes. Best company impossible!

After the introductions, they told us about our first stop: the Thinking MU showroom. This t-shirt brand uses organic cottons and recycled fabrics. It was born in Barcelona in a communications agency and for two seasons now they have made our lives happier with messages full of optimism and humor (we love their motto Life en bolas, huge!) and their full prints. Visit their website and you’ll see that its philosophy is a real tribute to good life and to those who dream of summer all year round. And don’t miss their handbag collection!

Caudalie offered me spend a day filled with activities but also with mystery, since not details were disclosed in advance

The truth is that we could have stayed all daylong in that bright showroom Thinking MU overlooks the Sagrada Familia, but our tight agenda didn’t allow us to. Our next destination was Jaime Beriestain concept store and restaurant we enjoyed a delicious meal and pleasant conversation in an exclusive environment. There we were joined by Claire from Caudalie Spain, with whom we talked about our favorite cosmetics, discussed our beauty routines and shared tricks (and she also confessed how much she loves croquettes, a dish they don’t have in France). To celebrate this fantastic experience we toasted with Caudalie wines. Don’t forget all Caudalie’s cosmetics are based on the antioxidant power of grapes grown in their wonderful vineyards in France.

Pressed by time, we walked to Paseo de Gracia to visit the Galería Taché, where we had the pleasure to listen to Charles Taché talk about the influence of art in fashion. Definitely a landmark in Barcelona. And after such a busy day (I wish my busy life were so pleasant!), we were a bit rusty and needed a complete immersion in the world of Caudalie’s antioxidants.

Caudalie’s headquarters is an oasis of calm and serenity, a modernist palace on the Gran Via de Barcelona that seems to be disconnected from the madding crowd. With a delicious grape, apple and melon juice in hand, we listened to their latest research and ultimate line, the Polyphenol C15, a combination of polyphenols from grapes with a high antioxidant power and vitamin C, the best ingredients for your skin. The Polyphenol C15 contains the highest concentration of these elements, reducing the amount of free radicals that cause premature skin aging and signs of fatigue without having to give up the many activities and the intense pace of life that any woman of our generation faces daily. Our Verdict: our essentials of the Polyphenol C15 line are the Anti-Wrinkle Defence Serum and the Overnight Detox Oil, prevention and treatment, two gestures that translate into better health and greater luminosity. We can’t live without them. Click here for more info on this product range.


Photos by Ana Madrid.