Cecilia Díaz Betz

We are ardent lovers of music in all its forms, variants, styles and formats. We can’t live without it and we get really excited every time we discover something related to it, from quaint vinyl players like Floating Records or Rawman 3000 to new platforms that maximize melomania and the exchange of playlists such as Playmoss, going to live concerts and watching music videos.

And if music and design get together, then our passion goes wild. This is the case of Caruso, a beautiful object of desire for music lovers. Caruso is music cabin with an incorporated Bluetooth ™ 4.0 audio system.

Caruso looks like an old gramophone, that legendary record player inside a rather clumsy yet beautiful piece of furniture.

Now it’s back to give your living room an elegant and refined touch. The design marries elegant finishes such as lacquered wood, Canaletto walnut and precious Italian Oak from 1700. It comes with a ceramic horn that is also available in a gold-plated version.

Caruso is the first release of New Black, a new Italian brand selling design objects that fit in the “Internet of things” category, that is, when state-of-the-art technology, functionality and aesthetics meet in one single object. Judging from this first offering, we know success is guaranteed for them.