Cecilia Díaz Betz

The best way to start our week is a good dose of California Vibes to help us feel the summer closer. To teletransport ourselves to the warm West coast, we have chosen the magic of Best Coast. The Californian duo has just released a self-titled track from their upcoming LP California Nights, accompanied by a suggestive teaser, which comes with the full video.

The video is signed by filmmaker Adam Harding and us into these very iconic landscapes of California, with a vintage aesthetic, southern and overexposed

The album is due out on May 5 through Harvest Records. After listening to ‘California Nights’, we can assure you their sound strides along the usual aesthetic path. The video (below) is the work of filmmaker Adam Harding. It takes us to iconic California landscapes, from the streets of Los Angeles to the desert with a very vintage, southern and overexposed style. The video alternates images of Best Coast members Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno. In short, and alluding to the song’s lyrics “California nights make me feel so happy, I could die, but I try to stay alive”