Ariana Díaz Celma

The famous L’Entrecôte restaurant, which for years served only entrecote with salad and French fries, hasn’t been no longer among us for a while. Occupying its space is now a bistrot with a longer menu and a two luxury French chefs, Romain Fornell (awarded with a Michelin star for his work at Caelis) and Michel Sarran (two Michelin stars for his work in the Michel Sarran restaurant in Toulouse). It looks like the French are also into opening more affordable restaurants, like many prize-winning chefs in Catalonia are doing. We’re talking about Café Emma.

Choosing the name for the bistrot wasn’t hard because that’s the name of Fornell’s wife and Sarran’s daughter. Café Emma is decorated in light shades and wood, which turns it into a warm and peaceful place. It is divided into three areas: a terrace, a bar and a dinning room. It also boasts an oyster bar and a boulangerie.

The menu features updated traditional French dishes, including Oysters, Foie, Macarroni with Lobster, Ox Tartar and Assorted French Cheeses. As for desserts, we recommed the crêps suzette, profiteroles and the Tarte Tatin. Café Emma also boasts an excellent list of French wines and champagnes.

The price of the menus in Café Emma is a nice surprice: 17 EUR for the lunch menu and 22 EUR for the dinner menu.

A good choic if you are hanging around the city centre. Take it easy because the service is not exactly fast. The food, however, is exquisite!


  • Address: C/Pau Clarís, 142 barcelona