Ariana Díaz Celma

There are still a lot of spaces to be discovered in Malasaña. One of them is Café del Jardín. Located in the heart of the Museo Romántico, you may have passed by countless times without knowing of its existence. Café del Jardín is a haven of peace in the middle of such a lively and bustling area, ideal to have a good chat with friends, read a book or surf the Internet.


The decoration is inspired by 19th Century France. The tea room looks onto the garden and one of the palace’s patios has been adapted for customers to enjoy the trees and the fountains while having a drink.

The menu features a wide offer of teas and coffees, as well as La Mojigata homemade cakes made with organic ingredients. Breakfast is served for 2.5 Euros and includes quiches, toast, salads and sandwiches with different kinds of bread. If you happen to be in the city centre and need a break, drop by Café del Jardín?


  • Address: C/ San Mateo, 13 madrid