Ariana Díaz Celma

In our effort for supporting sustainable clothing and accessories collections, we’ve come across footwear brand Caboclo. With a marked Brazilian spirit (the brand’s founders hail from Brazil), Caboclo seeks to introduce a new and ecofriendly product without forgetting about design. Caboclo practices fair trade, with suppliers conscious of artisan’s quality of life and the biodiversity of their environment. These are essential features that are unfortunately many times neglected.

Caboclo runs two coquettish stores located in strategic locations in Barcelona’s Gothic area. We specially like the one located on Baixada Llibreteria, a space that oozes the brand’s philosophy on all sides. Recycled pallets and environmentally-friendly materials have been used for the window display. Designer Agnès B, in a recent visit to Barcelona, felt in love with Caboclo and now retails Caboclo shoes in her boutiques in New York, Paris and London.

But what makes a shoe sustainable? For example, the sole. All Caboclo soles are made with recycled tyres. About the leather, you might ignore the fact that leather is made following a very polluting method that uses chromo. Caboblo doesn’t use chormo. For non-nude shoes, Caboclo uses dyes are free of chemicals and pigments which are made following a completely natural process.

A pair of Caboclo sandals is priced between ?54.90 and ?76.90. Shoes range from ?130 to ?160. 

Check out the lookbook here.


  • Address: Baixada Llibreteria, 8 Barcelona