Ariana Díaz Celma

Caboclo, our favourite footwear brand made in Brasil, has just opened a new store at the Gótico. A few metres away from its already consolidated space on calle Llibreteria, Caboclo runs another one based on the same sustainable spirit. The space is the work of Juliano Lima, founder of the firm, who covered the walls with recycled pallets and put some plants, giving it a very personal touch.

The new Caboclo store sells new models for the new season, plus some of the brand’s classics, which are reissued every year. All pieces are handmade in Brazil, in a 100% artisanal and ethical way. You know how much we like well-done things, which is why we’ve been fans of Caboclo for quite a long time now. All collections are made with natural leathers with no chrome and soles are made ??from recycled tires. As for the lines of the collection, they are more and more refined and have a more Scandinavian and clean air, a twist we appreciate. All models are priced between 60 and 120 euros, a moderate investment considering the production process and the fact that it’s a diversity-aware brand.

In addition to the latest models, at the store you can find clothes Pele Che Coco – Recycled Leather Jackets, a jacket brand using leather from Cambodia and sent to Europe to be reused to create soft and very stylish jackets. Besides being unique?they are no two alike?they can only be found at Caboclo. You will also find Vuerich glasses made ??from recycled skates and handmade in Barcelona.


  • Address: C/Freneria, 8-10 Barcelona