Ariana Díaz Celma

Marcos Olazabal, the owner of Cabaña Marconi, wanted to compile flavors and experiences from the past: her mother’s Swedish recipes, flavors of Italy and France and some capured while in Alaska and to create a space where people would feel AT home.

Cabaña Marconi is an international restaurant with a Swedish touch. One of its highlights is its location among oaks and its cosy decoration reminiscent of a Swedish cabintet: fireplaces, flowers, sofas and shelves full of travel, mountain and history books as well as magazines.

The restaurant lounge has glass ceilings and walls that let you enjoy the blue sky during the day and the stars at night. It is decorated in blue shades and white with lots of wood. In winter a three-sided glass fireplace warms up the ambiance.

The menu includes burrata tartufata, the traditional Stockholm toast with market prawns, delicious oysters, mussels with French fries or avocado salad with crayfish and French dressing. Then you can try amazing Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, tasty roast beef with caramelized onions, a Milanese with three cheeses, steak tartare and steamed salmon with Scandinavian sauce. But the star dish is the cheese Founde. As for desserts, don’t miss the yogurt cream with raspberries or their yummy homemade tiles.

Fancy a pleasant evening at Cabaña Marconi?


  • Address: C/Camino del Cura, 233 Madrid