Ariana Díaz Celma

We are fans of Japanese tapas since Dos Palillos opened in Barcelona a few years ago. This is why we were so happy when we found out that there is another restaurant specializing in Japanese flavours. BY13 is an uptown small restaurant run by Carlos Tejero ?ex Via Veneto?. Tejero joined forces with basketball player Sarunas Jasickevicius, who wears number 13 in his team. Their proposal includes small bites of street food to be enjoyed preferably in the bar. Although they still have to polish some details and despite the green light at the entrance can be misleading, we recommend you to drop by BY13.

The menu consists of tapas divided into 13 sections or concepts, as they like to call this gastronomic adventure. Obviously, diners can choose whatever they fancy, but they offer three closed menus: a 25 euro featuring eight plates, including a cocktail and a dessert; a 50 euro menu with 13 plates, and a 60 euro menu with 15 plates. By now you are probably wondering what can be found in the menu?

The concept of BY13 street food focuses on Japanese cuisine. You can start with spicy corn chips or cones with guacamole and continue with Russian salad in an iun sandwich with Cerdenya bread or endives with gorgonzola. If at this point you’re not yet convinced, the best is yet to come. Especially recommendable is the Croq Spoon, a croquette eaten with a spoon as the name suggests; the tartars of the house, served with homemade blown bread. The menu culminates with delicious Iberian bacon dumplings and Chinese bread stuffed with bacon. BY13 also offers a small section of stuffed blinis, making a nod to Russian food in an improved version. Desserts are great. We recommend chocolate ganache on Biscotti, cream pastry or coconut donut.

The best? Everything, absolutely everything, is cooked in situ behind the small bar, a gastro laboratory open to customers. We recommend a visit before it gets impossible to find table or a seat at the bar.


  • Address: C/Avenir, 63 Barcelona