Ariana Díaz Celma

San Fermín is all but Saint. This is the leitmotiv of Burn and their particular vision of this popular festivity. This energetic drink asked a group of runners to record the running of the bulls in 3D so that we can all experience the adrenaline of San Fermín. We think it’s a great idea. And you?


Running before a bull is not a game, that’s why those who are not professionals should resort to their computers and visit YouTube to enjoy Burn’s great idea. Images are 100 percent subjective, as it’s all real experiences by experienced runners and real sound. The runners belong to the pamplonica club Los Divinos and will record the running on July 14th with 3D cameras.

Los Divinos will be present in all runnings and in all the parts of the route:

  • Tramo de Santo Domingo: the fastest and widest part with a 6 percent slope.
  • Ayuntamiento: a 100 metres stretch which concentrate the highest amount of people and along which bulls run more slowly.
  • Mercaderes and its famous Mercaderes/Estafeta curve.
  • Estafeta: bulls tend to break up in smaller groups; it’s the most dangerous stretch.
  • Telefónica: one of the slowest stretches. It concentrates a lot of people. Bulls run in small groups, which provokes some incidents.  
  • The arrival to the bull ring:  a 3-metre stretch.

If you’re in Pamplona, you will be able to enjoy the experience through virtual simulators located on Plaza de Sarasate. Wherever you are, you can start singing the ‘Uno de enero, dos de febrero…’. More info here.