Cecilia Díaz Betz

What could be better than an eternal breakfast on a late Saturday morning, surrounded by friends, no pressure, no stress and no deadline? Almost heaven! We are referring to brunches. Oh! My God, if there is something we are really thankful for is that first Anglo-saxon person who had the idea of inventing this clever combination of breakfast-lunch where everything is allowed, anything works and everything is great. Well friends, now there is a website gathering all restaurants serving brunch (mostly) on weekends. Please, allow me to introduce you to Brunchear.

After becoming a widespread great culinary practice, the creators of Social Gourmets? a marketing and communications agency specializing in food?has launched, the first guide to breakfast and brunch in Spain. The website boasts a clean and attractive design and comes in three languages ??(Spanish, French and English). There you will find the best places in Madrid and Barcelona to have brunch. And they are also looking to create an international guide! Each entry offers a detailed overview about the place, the dishes they offer, its culinary expertise, pictures, general information, average price and its location on the map. It also includes a blog where you can look up recipes, trivia and tricks such as how to make the famous Benedictine eggs!

Visit Brunchear and find you place to brunch next weekend!