Laura Naranjo

Ángel Vilda, Verónica Raposo and César Oliver aka Brain&Beast won the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award for Best Collection in July 2013 have just opened a boutique in Barcelona.

The three designers, who established their firm in 2010, chose a space on Canvis Nous, 10 to show their creations, clothes that are presented as apparently structurally simple games, riddles, puzzles that are the result of complex geometrical equations. Brain&Beast propose sets of pieces that combine emotion and reason, always influenced by contemporary culture and with a great dose of sophistication and sense of humour.

But in addition to their clothing collections, you will also find other firms including Senyor Pablo, Musa bajo el árbol and Carner perfumes.

Read our interview with Brain& Beast HERE.


  • Address: C/ dels Canvis Nous, 10 Barcelona