Good2b team

Time has passed since the star of David Bowie became cosmic dust. The day before yesterday he would have turned 70 and today is the first anniversary of his death.

Despite the universal commotion his departure caused, Bowie left an impressive legacy that is undoubtedly worthy of celebration, especially if we consider this little post mortem surprise: an EP featuring his last No Plan recording during the production of the Blackstar album and with the same musicians.


This 70s no-birthday gift from him for us includes the homonymous theme ‘No Plan’, along with ‘Killing A Little Time’, ‘Outside’, ‘When I Met You’ and ‘Lazarus’. The ‘No Plan’ video, directed by Tom Hingston, features Bowie’s last appearance and pays homage to the extraterrestrial being that he was in this earthly world and in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

And with this and a very special toast we celebrate the great and unique Ziggy Stardust <3.