Ariana Díaz Celma

Hidden within the new College of Architects there is discovered a small oasis serving Mediterranean cuisine with a design in keeping with its surroundings. Bosco de Lobos is Tomás Tarruella’s latest gastronomic project, a business man with a successful experience as the co-founder of Grupo Tragaluz.

Bosco de Lobos is a contemporary, urban restaurant with affordable prices that opens all day so customers can eat in its plant-laden outdoor lawn. The chefs at work and the garden are visible from the lounge, which boasts a library.

The menu features Mediterranean food with an Italian air and includes carpaccio, pizzas coked in a wood-fired oven and pasta. Other options are roast beef, tuna tartar and fried calamari, scallops and red mullet.

Lunch or dinner at Bosco de Lobos is between 20 to 35 euros per person. Even if you’re not an architect, discover what the COAM headquarters keeps inside!


  • Address: C/ Hortaleza, 63 Madrid