Bru Romero
In times of recession, imagination flies. Alberto García and Nacho Fernández changed their law careers for this restaurant that is enjoying great success, and its name is Bocacalle. 
Bocacalle’s menu invites guests to travel a little bit around the world
Located a few meters away from Calle Hortaleza and decorated by More & Co’s –they split the space in two to make more space—Bocacalle is an essentially urban restaurant led by chef Daniel Alvarez, who learned his trade with Martín Berasategui, one of the greatest chef in Spain. Bocacalle’s menu invites guests to travel a little bit around the world. Food is mostly made with Spanish produce, though Alvarez uses techniques from other cultures to make different versions depending on the season.
The menu features dishes such as pickled pigeon salad with foie and basil spherifications; samosas stuffed with cocido pringá on chickpea humus emulsified with lemongrass; rye bread crumbs with poached egg, veal carpaccio, foie and payoyo; seasonal mushroom ramen, winter vegetables and cocido broth; low-temperature cheekbone with caramelized onion; game meat gyozas on duck micuit; smoked sardines on tomato jam and sesame caviar; hot gazpacho made with thai-style shrimps, marinated molluscs and Iberian mackerel or bacon, black truffle alioli and mushroom causa limeña. A meal for two is about 30 euros.
Bocacalle proves street-level restaurants can serve top-quality cuisine, and it should be proud of its menu. We salivate at the very thought.


  • Address: c/Santa Teresa, 2
  • Timetable: M-S: 12,00h a 02,00h y D: 12,00h a 16,00h
  • Phone: 916 22 59 15
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: