Ariana Díaz Celma

Pasta or cod esqueixada? Risotto or a bit of acorn-fed ham cut by hand? Sparkling wine or tempranillo? If these are some of the contradictions you hate to deal with when choosing a restaurant, we have a new favorite hotspot that will make that easy. Barcelona-Milan offers a gastronomic journey between the Catalan capital, the land of Lambrusco and the trattorias della mamma.

The menu fuses Catalan and Italian food at reasonable prices to suit the quality of what is served. The menu includes Catalan dishes, Italian dishes and Catalan and Italian dishes such as parmigiana with butifarra, cuttlefish with polenta or rigatoni with chistorra. Hot dishes, like their wide variety of risottos, outnumber the cold section and are also much more palatable. The indecisive may choose between their menus: Barcelona (38.90 euros), Milano (34.90 euros), Barcelona-Milan (37.75 euros) or 35.60 for a Tapas menu. Then you can choose among the 400 wine references from around the world. The menu is displayed as the two sides of a vinyl. Food is cook in an open kitchen. The place is large and somewhat impersonal, but the different spaces decorated with bright and light colors manage to give some character to its wide room. At the entrance of Barcelona-Milano there is a space with tall tables and a bar. Then there is a space with low tables that would be more comfortable if the lights were dimmer.

This new restaurant offers a menu mode crossover between Barcelona and Milan, the two capitals that give name

Owned by Grupo Olivé, Barcelona-Milan comes as a nice proposal if you decided to stay in the area and your stomach is not in for impossible combinations. The Catalan-Italian fusion is not surprising, but it is infallible.