Ariana Díaz Celma

Moritz comes with another master move. Aware of the fact that not everyone likes Moritz beer, they have opened a Bar à Vins near the factory in style. The menu features 400 bottles and up to 40 references at affordable prices, served by way of a new system based on the use of balance scales that calculate the exact centiliters served in each drink. According to the Catalan brewery, they have bet on this drink because it complements Moritz.


The space is in line with the carefree spirit of Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, without the snobbish air that is usually linked to the world of wine. In fact, the space is an extension of what we’ve so far seen at Moritz’s, a combination of design and tradition.

The bar’s ample schedule allows wine lovers to enjoy its menu almost at any time of the day, a reflection of the culture of wine. The wine by the glass is kept by using a system that has been specially created by Moritz for this project: individual drawers inject argon gas at a very low pressure through micro valves commonly used in the aeronautical industry. Bottles are thus completely closed to avoid wine oxidation.

As it could be expected from a brewery as concerned about aesthetics as is Moritz, the Bar à Vins has a logo of its own, a porrón, the traditional Spanish jar for wine drinking.

El Bar à Vins comes before the Brasserie Louis Moritz, a new place Moritz will open in the near future.


  • Address: Ronda Sant Antoni, 41 Barcelona