Ariana Díaz Celma

The Colombo brothers have hit the nail again. After lecturing on how to cook in Venice with Xemei and extend their formula to a tapa format at Can Cisa/Bar Brutal, they return with the resurrection of a classic Raval bar: the Bar 68. Twins Max and Stefano Colombo propose a cocktail bar with the same successful result as its predecessors where you can also enjoy a tasty tapas menu.

After lecturing on how to cook in Venice with Xemei and extend their formula to a tapa format at Can Cisa/Bar Brutal, Colombo brothers return with the resurrection of a classic Raval bar

The Colombo brothers have kept the essence of one of the Raval’s most legendary bars but have added a more sophisticated look, just the right amount to feel comfortable but not drowned in the trite vintage patchwork of so many bars in the area. This is the perfect scenario for what it is predicted to become the best Raval’s cocktail bar for quite a while. The bar is run by Miquel Angel Palau, which combines the classic and signature cocktails: Hemingway Daiquiri, Mojito Anniversary?named after the rum it is made with?, Moscow Mule, Sigapore Sling or other delicatessen from the Sour family, to choose between our beloved Pisco or a traditional whiskey. However, if you fully dive into this newly opened space and don’t fear new flavors, we recommend one of the Bar 68 cocktails, for example the Mascetti with San Cosme mezcal, the new spirit that will give much to talk about over next few months, the Dry Yakusa made with vodka and sake, or the Maryland Sour made with vodka, St. Germain, sugar, ginger, grapefruit and smoked hemp leaf. If reading this makes you salivate, wait to read about the other 15 references.

Their snack section includes indestructible classics such as oysters or home pickled cockles, tasty and super-special saor crab, nem rolls or tofu and vegetables, Peruvian ceviche and fish samosas with mango chutney. It also serves a few dishes so nobody is caught on an empty stomach, among which are the famous steak tartar from other Colombo restaurants, grilled octopus with homemade kimichi and spring garlic or Thai style fish with banana leaf.

If you have dinner at Bar 68 and drink cocktails you’ll pay about 50 euros. Almost all cocktails are around 9-12 euros, the right price when you consider the great atmosphere of Bar 68.


  • Address: C/Sant Pau, 68 Barcelona
  • Timetable: M-T Closed | W- S 19:00-03:00
  • Phone: (+34) 93 441 31 15
  • Type: Cocktail