Ariana Díaz Celma

Babochka means ‘butterfly’ in Russian, but it’s also a bowtie, one of the star accessories at a new boutique of the same name located on the Right Eixample. The name seems to have been tailor made, like the costumes Lena, from Russia, and Miguel, from Barcelona, design in the loft of Roger de Flor 142. Modern tailoring is not Babochka’s only highlight. Downstairs there are all kinds of garments, accessories, furniture, lamps, books or old records. Babochka also offers the chance to customize or repair clothes selected by Lena thanks to Miguel’s needle and thimble.

Babochka places special emphasis in the fact that all the objects they sell have been “retrieved”.

Many of them are vintage, but there are also others that come from old warehouses or attics and even from factories that never distributed them. There are also items that belong to collectors or people who bought a garment or crockery they never used. The same goes with the fabrics with which Miguel creates modern tailor-made suits. He tracks old tailorings and stock remanants to recover the last meters of fabrics rolls that are usually thrown away to make the best shirts and jackets in the area. Everything they sell at Babochka is thoroughly examined to ensure quality.

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In fact, Lena and Miguel encourage their clients to ask for the item’s origin, as they know there’s always a story behind a garment or a piece of furniture. They aim to give a second life to objects that already have memories in them. After years working in big companies, they seek to favour decentralization by opening small stores in different neighborhoods, which are more and more self-sufficient thanks to varied offer. Lena and Miguel support quality items made with care and avoid the mass production of big brands. “There’s no need to manufacture new things that have a negative environmental and social impact; we want to oppose this system of consumption and the planned obsolescence of objects,” Lena and Miguel say.

About Lena y Miguel

Lena (Russia, 1981) and Miguel (Barcelona, 1984) met a few years ago while they were studying fashion. After finishing school, they started working in marketing and men’s tailoring, respectively. They have worked for companies such as Custo Barcelona, Grupo Cortefiel, Inditex and Antonio Miró, which gave them a lot of insight about the market. After years of experience, they decided to start the project they’d been dreaming about at the school’s bar. Matías, on the other hand, is in charge of Babochka’s PR and Communication. Born in Argentina, he’s been living in Barcelona for 15 years. He started the street marketing agency El Gato Producciones and has worked for companies such as San Miguel, Primavera Sound, Estrella Damm, Vice and Heineken.