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b2b series #2: Alizzz

A few days ago, while having coffee with our previous intervieweebeGun, we talked about the line today some artists cross to enter the pantheon of DJs, that champions league that so hard  it is to access and so complicated it is to leave. Alizzz, our next interviewee, is one of the Dj that is about to enter that select group.

Alizzz is performing around the world, has been recruited by the Primary Talent agency, he is on the bill of the world’s best festivals… his career has taken off and there is no turning back.

His career has skyrocketed thanks to a musical discourse that feeds on the Jersey Club sound, bass music, pop and, above all, electronic and vocal R&B. Alizzz is performing around the world, has been recruited by the Primary Talent agency, his Soundcloud has thousands of hits and he is on the bill of the world’s best festivals…Alizzz’s career has taken off and there is no turning back. After leaving behind his dubstep project called PisuCristian Quirante found inAlizzz the character he was looking for. And he’s struck a chord. Following the release of several Ep’s on the Galician Arkestra label and on the British MofoHifi label, he is now in the rooster of Mad Decent, that monster of a label led by Diplo.

Like beGun, you’ve just come back from Tokyo. What’s the main difference between the people in Tokyo and the people in Barcelona?

It goes beyound the physical. What really struck me was the difference in character. They’re extremely friendly but more distant and very curious. And there’s obviously lots of bizarre stuff.

If I’m not mistaken, you had three performances there. Did they did they digest your musical proposal?

They knew my music, they would sing my songs! I think they have more than enough futuristic music. They were real fans!

Where is your music best received? Maybe in Anglo-Saxon countries because of the relevance of R&B in your sound?

It depends on many factors. For example, one of my most memorable performances was in Paris, the symbiosis with the audience was great, though in the US this is mainstream music. I still have to go to Australia, where I’ve been told they’re much into what I do.

You’re in the bill of Sonar Reykjavik. Do you expect an audience different from Sónar Barcelona? What does this relationship with Sonar mean to you?

I hope Sonar ask me to marry them someday. I’ve been told that the space of Reykjavik’s gorgeous. An artist who played there last year told me it was the best concert of his life, so I just expect good things from that.

In Tokio they knew my music, they would sing my songs!

That’d be a great marriage! Maybe something would fail in bed anyway. Now changing the subject, what do you think about the popular consultation for the independence of Catalonia? If Catalonia became independent, would you be international artist in Spain? Do you think it could affect you professionally?

I’m missing a lot of information to have a clear opinion, but on the other hand no one deprives me of my right to vote as was attempted by the Spanish government. In case most Catalans want an independent state, I’ll agree with it and hopefully it won’t affect my relationship with the rest of Spain because I have friends all over the country and there’re places I love.

Sticking with politics, what do you think the rise of Podemos? Do you think the major political parties of the country need a complete regeneration?

Honestly, I think they will get my vote. For the first time I think I can vote for the winning party. I always vote for very minor parties such as CUP in Catalonia, and this time around I’ve even excited to vote in the general election. The main political parties don’t exist for me, I’ve never felt connected. By the way, have you seen Pedro Sanchez’s website… No comment.

No one deprives me of my right to vote as was attempted by the Spanish government

Focusing on your music career again, do you feel the pressure of being one among those who have to make things happen?

Nah, no pressure in that regard. Hopefully my work will serve to open doors and inspire, but there are collateral things I don’t think about too much. The greatest pressure comes in moments of lower inspiration, but that’s all part of the creative process.

What does Alizzz have that Pisu didn’t? Will you use that moniker again? Would you change something or do you regret something you’ve done so far?

Pisu wasn’t all there. I could’ve done a thousand things better, made better decisions, etc. But, you know, that’s how things work sometimes.

Since you are, like me, a ‘son of internet’, here is a question we also made to begun: You’re left on a deserted island without internet for a couple of years. I mean, no news, no influence, no lists of “best of the year’, no listening to the latest… How would you feel about it personally and professionally?

Well, you can kill me before that happens…

You want to surprise your girlfriend. What restaurant in Barcelona would you take her and what would you give her as a present?

My latest surprise was taking her to Tibidabo. As for restaurants, I’m more into traditional restaurants rather than luxurious one. In Castelldefels there are better restaurants than in Barcelona, by the way.

A book: El Principito.

A guilty pleasure?

Someday you will find pictures of me as a teenager with bleached hair and Guns N ‘Roses t-shirts. Don’t hold it against me!

beGun asked us to ask you this: When you meet Rusties, Drakes and Flumes, will you still remember us or will you do like all other artists do?

The thing is that I have less time because I have a lot of work, I travel more and all that. It can take me longer to answer an email, but it’s not because I don’t care. I don’t make as many collaborations and interviews and I don’t play as much, I’m more selective in general. I take care of the project more than I used to. It may seem I’m walking away a little from everything that’s happening here, but things are happening for me abroad, too. I’m just trying to make the most of the time I have and avoid going crazy.

And finally, what artists would you like us to interview?  


Great! And what would you ask him?

Where is your facebook fanpage, your instagram and all that? 

Thank you very much, Alizzz.