Cecilia Díaz Betz

Way back in 2012, Frédérique Bangerter and Alberto García-Alix decided to join forces and launch a very special publishing project in which each book is carefully thought out and borne as if it were a treasure. They didn’t have a pre-defined style, so they decided to name it Cabeza de chotlito. Their latest adventure takes us across the sky through a peculiar passion for aviation with Aparato maravillos. El sol de la bandera.

An artist’s book very intimate and precious to always be ready to be read and reread

Author Assaf Iglesias introduces us to plane through an enlightened and beautiful trip with polaroids, drawings, compositions and somewhat enigmatic texts. Carefully crafted and bounded with green sea cloth, this is an intimate and precious artist book ready to be read and to hypnotize you with its beautiful images over and over again. A book that takes us to the depths of the artist’s imagination. In the words of Frédérique Bangerter: “A book that is read between the lines Puns, beautifully sad melancholy. The eternally present device or devices. A backdrop of a journey where we feel that dreams and harsh reality merge. Aparato maravillos. El sol de la bandera is a window into the world of Assaf in book form.”