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The main fashion magazines have surrendered to his designs and celebrities such as Lana del Rey proudly wear them. Andrésgallardo has proved that when it comes to jewellery and creativity, there is still a lot to be said. Andrés Gallardo is the alma mater and designer, and Marina Casal is the graphic and textile designer. They established the firm in 2011 to create pieces that are characterized for introducing porcelain and combine it with other materials including metal, leather and glass. Their favourite themes are fauna and flora, which we like very much. We’ve interviewed Andrés?


It could be said that there is nothing similar to what you do. Where did you get the idea and how where you find inspiration for doing this?

I’ve allways felt attracted by porcelain figures. One day in a Berlin flea market I found a stall with thousands of old figures. I bought some, then I break them, re-polished them and combined to make pieces that were amulets and not exactly jewellery. That’s when everything started. Marina joined the project and decided to make it a brand and to develop a whole collection. Our imagery feeds on what we see, hear and live: music, dance, travel, designers, painters, architects? Everything related to porcelain and ceramics influences us a lot, especially the legendary porcelain houses?Lladró, Sargadelos, Nymphenburg… Or artists using those materials, too?

You are a fashion designer. Which are your favourite?

Yves Saint Laurent, Rei Kawakubo, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Swash, Bernard Deletrez? Many of them!

At first you used porcelain pieces and chose the pieces that interested you. I guess that must not be the way when designing an entire collection. Are you still looking for them or do you get them done for you?

We’re still looking for figures, breaking them and so on. We keep what interests us. Other times we create them from scratch, we make sketches. In this case, we work with artisanal workshops that have opened an immense world of possibilities for us that are teaching us a lot. We also make unique pieces with found objects that we manipulate. We enjoy that part very much and we don’t want to lose it. We visit antique places and flea markets looking for figures and sometimes we obsess over a thematic. For example, birds. We look for all kinds of birds and the gradually we give shape to the series.

How many units per piece?

Since we work with artisanal workshops, we no longer have limits in that sense. We can manufacture as many as we want, always taking into account that is a 100 per cent manual work and very meticulous. What we care about when producing large series is the time and not so much the quantity.

Andresgallardo is Andrés Gallardo and Marina Casal. What exactly do you do?

We don’t have separate responsibilities. We both make all the decisions, and they all have something of the two, whether it’s the creative process, the development process, business issues? We put everything in common and then we divide the tasks. For example, before starting a new line, we spend a whole day talking about it, giving ideas, memories, findings? Then I focus on designing the composition of the pieces and Marina focuses on suppliers, but we’re constantly working together.

Your work is relatively new. How do you get Lana del Rey to wear one of your pieces on the cover of Smoda?

They knew about our work and had featured on the magazine before. One day they called us to ask us for a piece for an international celebrity of whom we couldn’t know their name yet. I was a secret! A day before the magazine was released, we were told it was Lana de Rey and that she had chosen Blue Eagle, one of our unique pieces. Watching it on newsstands on the following day was amazing.

Any celebrity you would like to wear your creations?

We’re not myth maniacs at all!

Your favourite hotspots?

Los Chuchis, a bar some friends have just opened on Amparo 82, where the chef Scott fixes all kinds of English delicacies. La Quesería on calle León, where we make many work meetings among cheeses and glasses of Villa Narcisa; a Mexican place in Malasaña called Maria Bonita, where they make the best micheladas. The Botanic Garden in spring or autumn; the Do boutique on Fernando VI; the calle OSO, in Embajadores: when they celebrate their festivities, they decorate it with scarves and garlands made by the neighbors. And many more places. We love Madrid.

You can’t stop listening to?

Classic music.

You’d ban?

We don’t like to ban, but if we had a magic wand we’ll change a few things?

No nos gusta prohibir, en todo caso si tuviéramos una varita mágica cambiaríamos algunas cosas?

You never thought you’d end up?

We still haven’t finished!

Good2b means?

Doing and defending what you do.