Cecilia Díaz Betz

Andrea Crews is fashion activism and creativity under one name and concept. This brand-agency organization founded over 10 years ago by Maroussia Rebecq always plays with the concepts of gender, art and fashion. From their studio-shop in Paris, a meeting point for the city’s creatives, they launch collections and collaborations with other firms they called “high couture streetwear” they show in Paris Fashion Week.

 Andrea Crews presents his latest adventure, a capsule collection of shoes with platform in collaboration with the iconic brand No name

Andrea Crews collection breaks certain canons. They are known for being environmentally-friendly and their clothes are sold in over 30 concept stores including Colette in Paris, Marios Left Tanker in Tokyo, IT in Hong Kong or Kwin in Seoul. Now Andrew Crews presents its latest adventure, a capsule collection featuring platform shoes in collaboration with iconic brand No name. The two original models (No Name Van Gogh and No Name Spray) are now available at Coletteand at the Andrea Crews store in Paris. The visual campaign is the work of photographer Charlie Engman.