Cecilia Díaz Betz

This week, more than any other, we’re sweating at the thought that 2015 is about to finish. Some are excited about it, but for the vast majority it’s going to be a headache: gift shopping, work dinners, utopian lists of resolutions, going back home loaded with nougat, closing the accounting year… Stop!

Don’t panic, take a deep breath, good2b is always on time for the rescue and this year we’re have an alternative and liberating plan for you to survive the pre-Christmas plan in Barcelona. You’ve earned it and you know it! First of all, gift yourself two nights in a hotel; there’s nothing like not having to do anything.


Once in your hotel room, it’s time to think about where to eat. To truly “disconnect” it’s important to choose the right place. A 15-min train ride will take you to Badalona, home of L’Estupendu, a new restaurant on the beach with a rejuvenating food proposal. This is, without a doubt, one of the best things we’ve tried this year. With a clear mind and a full stomach, it’s easier to think about your week ahead. Let’s get the agenda to start making plans…

If you’re in for partying, we have a lot of ideas for you. Say goodbye to 2015 with a John Talabot @ Nitsa or enjoy a special concert at La 2: Nosaltres som els reis. Your karma will be grateful. For film lovers, there’s always the chance to watch the film of the year: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you’re more into music, don’t miss Hivern Discs pop-up store with all its references and good deals… Maybe you’ll find a rarity for your nerdy cousin! But talking about gifts, you shouldn’t take into consideration Salva López’s new book entitled Illa published on Terranova. Brilliant! Those looking for gastro events have all the answers to their questions here: All Those Food Market. And to put the finishing touch to this crazy night, illustrator Monstruo Espagueti throws La Gran Fiesta at Studiostore. And this is it! And believe us: if you follow our advice, you’ll be definitely very relaxed on Christmas Eve.