Ariana Díaz Celma

Alba Galocha (Santiago de Compostela, 1990) studied fashion design but soon realized that her place was at the end of the production chain: in the modelling section. In 2012 she won the Best Model Award at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. Today she is present in all fashion weeks and many firms have chosen Alba to be the face of their collections. She started off timidly with Malababa but has already worked for other bigger brands including and Pull & Bear, Adolfo Dominguez and El Corte Inglés. She combines her job as a model with her blog Tea Time of Vogue. We were with her at the opening of a new Aristocrazy store in Paseo de Gracia with Consell de Cent. We loved her sweet eyes and tomboy look?

You are the cover of the latest album by Novedades Carminha. How come one of the best models of today is on the cover of an album by an underground band?

When those photos were taken, I had just started working as a model. They are friends of mine and I’d do it again if they asked me.

It seems like you have one foot on the indie scene and another one on mainstream fashion?

Well, it’s good to be in different places. I like going to a show by Novedades Carminha and then perhaps to a show by Beyoncé. It’s a different philosophy, but the end is the same: to have fun!

How is a day in the life of Alba Galocha?

If I don’t travel, it’s just like any other person’s. I get up, get on the Internet, work, try to do some sports, and then I go back home.

But that doesn’t happen very often?

It depends? I once took two plains a day for 21 consecutive days? That was crazy.

For many planes have more to do with going on holidays. How do you feel when you get on a plain for that?

I’d never thought of that, but I can tell you that when I go on vacations I feel very very different! (Laughs).

Do you prefer photography or the catwalk?

I think photography is much more beautiful and it has a story behind it. As a model, there is much more to tell and you have a closer relationship with the photographer. However, I also like the catwalk?

Though subtly, you may be one of the models with most tattoos today?

Yes, my first tattoo is my name in Arabic. I still have it.

Have you ever regretted any tattoos?

Yeah, a Chinese character. It was very ugly and I erased it.

You have a tattoo depicting a bag of tea with the logo of your Vogue blog Tea Time? Which came first?

The blog? The tattoo came later?

Your favourite garments?

Masculine boots, black jeans, a White shirt and a trench?

You have a very defined style. Who are your icons?

I like different people, from Kate Moss to Nicolas Ghesquière and from Annie Hall to Cat Power.

Your favourite hotspots?

The restaurant Fatigas del Querer (C/de la Cruz, 17), Cines Ideal (C/del Doctor Cortezo, 6), with the smallest screens in Madrid, and Panta Rhei (C/Hernán Cortés, 7).

You’d ban?

Transparent tights.

You can’t stop listening to?


You never thought you’d end up?

I never thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’ve never put myself any barriers?

Good2b means?

Being natural.

*Foto por Cecilia Díaz Betz