Ariana Díaz Celma

There are more and more hotels offering high-end gastronomy in an attempt to develop culinary businesses in a different environment. However, there’s always the competition of regular restaurants. These new hotel restaurants are commonly run by renowned chefs that turn the hotel into their own embassy and its kitchen into the best expression of auteur cuisine. This is what we found at Al trapo, the restaurant inside the Hotel de las Letras.

Premium rations and delirious finger food made by a chef who doesn’t go with the trend

Located on Gran Via and run by the talented Paco Morales, Al trapo serves high-quality informal food. A bright proposal that does away with the typical menu with starters, first and second courses and dessert. Al Trapo is a gastronomy of sensations that travels and leaves a mark.

Among the most outstanding dishes are Spanish tortilla soufflé bites with green bell peppers, bread roll stuffed with lamb, tikka masala sauce and dried lentils; and small vine tomatoes with anchovy and mint. An adventure that continues with tasty cocochas of cod with potatoes and green salsa; white almond “Mazamorra” soup with Idiazabal cheese couscous, orange and “Pedro Ximénez” vinegar; roasted red king prawn, paprika mayonnaise, squid noodles and french fries; toasted veal sweetbreads with grilled aubergine purée and field egg yolk or fried vietnamese roll with fresh herbs and razor shell tartar. Add to this Iberian pork shoulder skewer, pea hummus and Iberian sauce; duck roasted in a charcoal oven; the delicious roasted aubergine with pork jowl and puffed rice and the exquisite three cheeses selection and  passion fruit mousse with lemon curd, cinnamon and white chocolate.

A combination of the most traditional food with Morales’ virtuous recipes. Washed down with a Madrid’s red wine Tagonius and chances are you will fall in love with this chef who worked at El Bulli and Mugaritz and now a relevant figure in Madrid’s restaurant world.