Ariana Díaz Celma

Until recently, Ajoblanco was a cold almond soup and crushed raw garlic with bread crumbs, salt, oil, vinegar and water. Now it is also a new restaurant run by Lázaro Rosa Violán, a somewhat less humble space than the dish that bears its name. Its cuisine delves into the world of tapas, revisited with top quality fresh products.

The first thing that strikes you when you step into Ajoblanco is its welcoming bar displaying seafood of the day?don’t leave without trying their meaty and tasty oysters! However, as it usually happens with restaurants that use seasonal products, the menu changes with the seasons and the ingredients, too. At Ajoblanco you can find everything from classic tapas like potato omelets to Russian salad and fried fresh fish. Most traditional proposal share space with more unique ones such as lentils with foie or shrimp sashimi? You can find traditional dishes like Castilians garnazos with cod and chard, soup with meat-stuffed large macaroni, roast lamb or Basque steak. However, if you do not have much of an appetite, you can always share with your companion. Ajoblanco’s menu is designed to order two courses per guest or to just have a small dish. Among them we recommend free-range sunny side-ups, tuna belly confit or grilled asparagus tips. There are dishes of humble origin that coexist with more gourmet options, like the red shrimp stew or sweetbreads with lobster.

Lunch or dinner in Ajoblanco is about 35/40 euros, provided you don’t order the most select offers on the food, wine and cocktail menus. The cocktail menu includes 16 offers, six of which are for starters. Most of the cocktails are classic. In addition to mojitos, caipirinhas and margaritas, we recommend a vodka & tonic with a prior infusion of different ingredients. Rosa Violán designed a space dominate the industry and kitchen concept, taking as a reference 1920s New York and the style of factories and warehouses in the outskirts of cities as a housing option. This basic inspiration is mixed with contemporary elements that give a special touch to the décor, a good excuse to drop by Ajoblanco and enjoy its food.


  • Address: C/Tuset, 20-24, Barcelona