Cecilia Díaz Betz

Cathy Van Hoang is an American art director who had the brilliant idea of combining two worlds in the same object, creating a new and interesting species of air jellyfish, the Air Plant Jellyfish. The sea is represented by the beauty and detail of sea urchin shells and the earth with are carnations as ambassadors.

Hedgehog shell acts as the protruding pot plant branches, in a floating jellyfish convierténdose

The urchin shell acts as the flowerpot with protruding branches. If turned around, it becomes a curious floating jellyfish. This is a creative idea perfect to liven up an indoor garden, to give a special touch to any corner of the house or as outdoor decoration. Both solo and in a ‘herd’, the visual effect shows a great organic beauty. The Air Plant Jellyfish is available at Etsy for about 22 € by clicking here.