Ariana Díaz Celma

Agorazein is to Spanish hip hop what Odd Future is to the West coast. Agorazein is a gust of fresh air in the rap music scene. Formed by C. Tangana (the most visible member), Fabianni, Sticky M.A., Jerv. agz and I-Ace, this collective has been praised here and abroad and now is set to conquer Latin America.  Agorazein’s coolness has led them to be signed by Live in Dallas, John Talabot’s and Pional’s agency, and to star the video for the 25th anniversary of Reebok’s Ventilator sneakers directed by Nacho Alegre (editor of the Apartamento magazine). The video will be launched just before their performance at Lapsus Barcelona on April 11th.

 Agorazein is to Spanish hip hop what Odd Future is to the West coast

You’ve never had qualms about working with brands, as with Reebok now, which presents your performance in Lapsus. And it’s not the first time that you are associated with a brand. What does a brand need to have so you can work comfortably with it as a collective?

We have some qualms about working with brands. We haven’t collaborated with all the brands that have proposed something to us and we have abandoned some projects. The successful ones in this respect, such as Reebok, are those that can contribute something to our project, which allow us to achieve things beyond our reach. We are aware that we have something to offer, that’s why these kinds of projects come up. We’ve worked to make it happen and we want to make the most of it.

You’re a hip hop collective, but you’re in the bill of Lapsus, an electronic music festival. What do you think about playing in an event like this?

We like it. We’ve always sought to avoid being labelled. We’ve interested in many different things, so for us it’s essential to avoid prejudice. 


Now let’s talk about how Agorazein came up… When does to go from being a band made up of friends to become an organized group?

It has never ceased to be a group of friends. The collective has grown slowly; it’s about taking your interests seriously. Perhaps the qualitative leap was Kigo, someone dedicated exclusively to the professional part. He’s contributing a lot to the band’s quality.

Over time the band has changed. How do new members enter?

It’s a very natural process. If someone close has something to contribute, then they’re in.

It seems like C Tangana is Agorazein’s leader, but perhaps we’re not right. Who does what?

Everyone does what they want. The person in charge of making everything work is Fabianni, who’s usually involved in all projects except writing the lyrics. But he’s usually involved in all aspects surrounding everything we release.

The audiovisual material is key in your evolution. How important is it?

When we started to take music seriously we realized that in order to take advantage of it we needed to make a good presentation of it. We’ve always tried for it to contribute something meaningful to the music. We think the result is positive.

Your favourite hotspots are…

The bars at the Quinta park in Suanzes, the Club Social Pilton, Tigre (C/Infantas, 23), Cafetería Noviciado (C/San Bernardo, 51) and Cervecería Rocablanca (C/Fuencarral, 75).

You never thought you’d end up…

Being featured in lifestyle magazines!

You’d ban…

Nothing! That’s what politicians do.