Ariana Díaz Celma

If you like cookies, we have a new hotspot for you. It’s called Afri’s Cookies and it is a very sweet and entrepreneurial project.

Afri’s Cookies sells fresh handmade biscuits made with prime ingredients: free-range eggs, fresh fruit and Valrhona chocolate. With this combination, nothing can go wrong! Cookies have a crunchy texture on the outside and are deliciously tender inside.

The variety is huge: cinnamon, orange with chocolate, apple or peanut cream with raspberry jam; classics like choco chips, white chocolate with raspberries, milk chocolate and nuts and dulce de leche. For chocolate addicts, there are also brownies or the cookies with Lacasitos. And don’t suffer if you can’t make up your mind: you can always get yourself a box with different flavours to taste the all!

Whether you’re a cookie monster or not, as soon as you try Afri’s Cookies you will decide to delay your Operation: Bikini a little bit?

Afri’s Cookies runs a shop in Malasaña, but if you live far aways, check out their website and have your cookies delivered anywhere in Madrid.


  • Address: Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2 Madrid